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Wade has modeled for designers/brands such as Armani, Versace, Polo, Moschino, and Airwalk

as well as runway for Chanel and John Galliano.


After attending college on a Baseball scholarship, Wade was enjoying a summer off before heading into the workforce. To his surprise, Wade was approached one day at the mall by a local talent scout in Atlanta. They asked if he would be open to modeling and without hesitation, Wade said yes. This is and would be a common theme and attribute in Wade's life. Recognizing opportunity and seizing it without hesitation.


Within a month, Wade was in Miami doing some test shots for an agency. His test shots were passed along to agencies in Paris and success! A world famous modeling agency located in Paris offered to bring Wade over to work.


Within weeks of being in Paris, Wade was working with Karl Lagerfeld doing the Chanel runway show and then off to the Island of Capri where he did the Versace campaign with Bruce Webber and Helena Christensen. A new career had bloomed out of opportunity.


Wade spent the next 4 years modeling between Paris and New York before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He also has worked for Armani, John Galliano, Moschino, Polo and Airwalk among many other internationally recognized brands.



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