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Cut By Wade

Cut By Wade

Cut By Wade

Become your true self with Universal Handprint. 

1 Mental

2 Physical

3 Nutritional

4 Detoxification

5 Community

What is UHP?

UNIVERSAL HANDPRINT is a way of being and living life to your fullest potential.


UHP's retreats will help you to get away from your daily grind and help you to rejuvenate -- all while finding clarity about your life and it's purpose in the process. By allowing yourself to get away from routine and the repetitive grind of life, you will focus and see things as they are.  Then you can let go of what is not serving you.


This is the quality of life we all deserve.


Through Wade's many accomplishments, he realized that there is a common thread to changing your life and obtaining your goals/visions whatever they may be. Like your handprint, UHP is a unique imprint that is customized for you.  It is there to help kick start you on your journey and give you the tools needed to follow through once back in the routine of life. All this deep insight happens all while having the time of your life with great people in amazing locations around the globe.


There are 5 basic principles, like fingers on your hand, that can be broken down into subgroups to give you your unique "Handprint".


UHP can help you achieve any desires within your heart whether that is simply stillness of the mind to abundance in the bank and anywhere in between all while maintaining balance which is where true health and happiness lives. 


1 Mental

2 Physical

3 Nutritional

4 Detoxification

5 Community 

These 5 principles are the root of achieving anything in life that you desire. They will vary from person to person just as your "Handprint" is different from every other person's Handprint.


As said by many, Thoughts become feelings and your feelings become your life. We have to be specific while developing your Handprint. Then, once you have the tools, it comes down to being consistent and allowing yourself to re-evaluate over time and become even more clear about your chosen path. This is the process. And if you are pursuing this ultimate dream of yours from your most authentic and true self. Your soul will ultimately be nourished too. This is the Universal Handprint for life~


* depending on the location of the retreat some to all of the following Disclaimer can and may be included. As the retreat is posted, specifics will be outlined.

Yoga,- Meditation,- Mantra,- Goal Setting,- Journaling,- Vision Boards,- Breathing Techniques,-Jui Jitsu,- Surfing,- Plant-Based Nutrition,- Micro-Nutrients,- fasting,- Sauna, - Juice Cleansing,

Quiet time as well as free time to play

and relationships that last a lifetime.

Upcoming Events



Start your journey - Live your truth.


Wade and Team UHP

Wade Carpenter, Founder of UHP


-20+ Years Yoga Practice and Nationally Certified Teacher

-15 Years Working with Energy and Bodywork Graduating from the Dao Healing Arts in Santa Monica, California in 1999

-Trained in Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu Anma Primarily

-Certified in Sweedish, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Mio-fascial Release and Trigger Point Modalities

-7 years of clinical work, with DR Charny at the Charny Healing Center in Los Angeles, where Wade honed is intuitive nature and bodywork

-Certified to Operate Cold Lasers

-Jui Jitsu Black Belt under Lars Wallin .. Wallin MMA

-Collegiate Athlete with options to play 2 different sports

-US Marine Core award for HIghest GPA while lettering in the most varsity sports in his region while in high school


Wade Carpenter is an ever-evolving spirit and has always found his way to the heart of whatever he desires. Through using the techniques within Univeral Handprint, you could be on your way to achieving your own unique Handprint.

Wade Carpenter

Jorge Oliveira

Jorge Oliveira, Martial Arts


Jorge “Van Damme” Oliveira is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt whose pedigree comes from Carlos Gracie Sr. and Jr. and includes BJJlegends Nino Schembri (creator of the “Lasso Guard” and “Rubber Guard”),  Roberto Correa (creator of the modern “Half Guard”), and Roberto Magalhaes (creator of the “Inverted Guard”).  Jorge has fought and competed at the highest levels of Mixed Martial Arts events and he regularly contributes to the training teams of elite MMA fighters like Anderson “The Spider” Silva, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and many others.  Jorge has obtained championship belts from PFC (Palace Fighting Championship), WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) and TPF (Tachi Palace Fights) as well as Jiu Jitsu competitions like Pan-American Championship. 


Jorge’s martial arts philosophy of discipline, dedication, and using passion to achieve excellence extends beyond the ring into his day-to-day life and is a fundamental part of his teaching and coaching efforts.  He is committed to providing the absolute best instruction to his students and is dedicated to ensuring they are getting the most out of their martial arts practice.  Jorge believes Jiu-Jitsu is not only an outstanding avenue for self-defense and physical health, but that it also translates to way of life that provides mental and emotional benefits; with a focus on personal development and breaking through self-imposed limits.

Mike McAdams


Mike McAdams, Surfing


Mike McAdams is a health fanatic and outdoor enthusiast. He grew up in Santa Barbara, attended college in Berkeley, and now calls Los Angeles home. From Rincon to Ocean Beach to Malibu, Mike has been surfing for over 15 years and loves sharing his passion for the water with others. 


He launched his first health-focused start-up 9 years ago, specializing in hydration and detoxification; Mike has successfully created and brought over 10 health products to market; all of which he personally tests.

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